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You Have One Chance To Make A First Impression. Don't Blow It!

Car buyers have never had more options than they do today. Does your dealership stand out from the crowd? Our proven used car marketing tools and techniques will get you and your inventory noticed.

Our highly-trained inventory specialists will work with you on the lot to drive your marketing efforts to the next level using our unique combination of used car marketing expertise and advanced technology.

From data collection with best-of-class VIN decoding technology to custom designed window stickers based on your dealership's existing brand to professional digital photography that brings your inventory to life.

We make it easy and affordable!

Contact us today to shift your on-lot marketing into overdrive!

Data Collection

To sell a used car quickly and efficiently, you must tell the vehicle's story in a way that inspires potential buyers to act. This is where our inventory specialists shine. Their years of specialized training and experience provide the expertise needed to drive sales by telling each vehicle's story in the clearest, most compelling way possible.

Our inventory specialists visit your dealership personally on a regular basis. Supported by our exclusive best-of-class VIN decoding technology, they use their comprehensive knowledge of the used car market to detail each vehicle's unique combination of features and benefits in a way that will convert browsers into buyers.

And once the details of your inventory have been uploaded to our database, an exciting range of marketing possibilities emerge. From window stickers to online lead generating sites to real-time inventory on your own web site, the data we collect becomes available for use by a broad range of powerful marketing applications.

Our data collection services are the start of something big! Contact us now to get started!

Window Stickers

Do your window stickers get the job done? Do they inspire buyer confidence? Do they grab buyer attention and drive sales? Do they support and extend your brand? Our window stickers drive sales by giving buyers quick, convenient access to the information they demand while building the confidence in your dealership necessary to close the deal.

Our top-flight professional designers will work with you personally to develop a custom window sticker design based on your existing brand that polishes your image and sends buyer confidence soaring.

Once you've settled on a design, our inventory specialists handle all of the leg work for you. They collect the data for each vehicle's window sticker using their years of experience and our best-of-class VIN decoding technology to draw out the features and benefits most appealing to potential buyers. They print each window sticker using only top-quality paper and the latest printer technology, and apply the window sticker right there on your lot.

Big-league window stickers just don't get any easier! Contact us now to get started!

Digital Photography

Would you consider buying a car sight unseen? Neither will your potential customers. That's why professional digital photography is an essential component of our data collection service.

Our inventory specialists are skilled in the use of the latest digital photography equipment to provide potential buyers with a compelling virtual tour of every vehicle in your inventory. While on the lot, they will capture up to 32 photos of each vehicle, carefully planned and composed for maximum impact.

We handle all of the complexity associated with preparing your images for online display, and we handle the actual upload process itself.

There is no quicker and easier way to bring your inventory to life online! Contact us now to get started!